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    3 weeks ago

    The Gulf Countries’ Investments in Turkey

    1. Introduction Foreign capital investments can be defined as the monetary or technical resources that a country obtains from external…
    15 July 2021

    In The Memory of Srebrenica Massacre

    The 4-year war in Bosnia was planned, started and implemented by Bosnian Serbs, joined later by Bosnian Croats, with the…
    10 June 2021

    Can the protests in Iraq bring any substantial change?

    On May 9, protesters in Karbala city set ablaze portions of the fencing around the Iranian Consulate. It is response…
    15 March 2021

    Implications of Erbil Attack

    The Attack On February 15, Erbil Airport was struck by  fourteen 107mm rockets. The attack killed a  contractor with the…
    4 March 2021

    Trade and Energy Impact on the Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations

    1. The volatility of Turkish-Azerbaijani  Relations After the Soviet Union’s dissolution in the 1990s,  new states proclaimed their independence in…
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